Google Fred – The State of SEO and PBNs

My Thoughts

Guys, it’s a no-brainer what Google Fred update is doing. We know what’s happening and why our rankings are falling and why some increased and remained unchanged.

For those who’ve been negatively impacted, sorry. Google probably traced your sites back to spam.

Anyone with spammed sites still standing? Let me know.

Those who saw no change or an increase in change, good for you. The Fred update has deemed your sites worthy of relevancy.

Relevancy and content is the future. Metrics are secondary. If you can link to a relevant website then good. If you can link to a relevant site with good metrics then, that’s even better. And of course, bonus for authority, relevant sites.

Google wants to see that things remain consistent so, when it sees that your health website is linked with a pet website, it’s a no-brainer and down you go.

What now? House keeping

After the update, it’s time to do some house keeping. I had to let go of one of my PBN networks because it was hit hard and was beyond recovery. So, I accepted that fact, said good bye and scrapped whatever I had left.

Now onto a new start more or less. No more spam. No more re-purposed PBNs. If I smell a hint of spam whether it be anchors or backlinks, out they go. I hear this a lot, treat your PBNs as if it was your own money site. That means PBN = money site. Better PBNs means better money site which I think we can agree on.

Not So Majestic

I’m tired of hearing that a good expired domain has a trust flow of 10 and citation flow of 10 etc…metrics mean nothing when the expired domain has been used and spammed.

I’d pick a trust flow of 5 any day if the expired domain has a clean history. Of course I take other metrics into consideration also but as of Google Fred update, spam-free and clean history comes first.

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